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The Child Studies Collaborative is a team of researchers at the University of California, Irvine who are working together to reach out to the community about opportunities for parents to participate in various child studies at UC Irvine. If you are a parent who is interested in contributing to child development research, this is how you can get involved! Children of all ages (0-18) are welcome. Please review the information sheet below, then click "Sign Me Up!" to continue to the next page and answer a few questions to be part of the database. You may also contact us if you have any questions, or to request to be added to the database.

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Research in the Child Narratives Lab focuses on how social context and individual differences influence children's reports about past events. More specifically, we address questions about how the conditions under which children experience events and the conditions in which they are asked to remember those events influence how and what they recall. We are also interested in studying how individual differences in cognitive and narrative skills contribute to children's abilities to report about past events.

Many of the research questions we address in the lab apply directly to the real world. For example: how do attorney questions and child witness responses influence jury decisions? How do child interviewers elicit credible, accurate reports from children? How can parents help children develop their narrative skills? How should adults talk with young children about negative past experiences and how can we facilitate their recovery from those experiences?

Work as a research assistant focuses heavily on psychological concepts, with some studies focusing on the intersection between psychology & law. A background in psychology and/or law is encouraged, but not required. No prior experience needed.

Work as a recruitment assistant is focused on managerial tasks, meaning an understanding of psychology and/or law is not required. Recruitment assistantships are open to any major and/or background. No prior experience needed.

For more information about what each position entails, please review our application:

Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureate Scholars:

Please note all undergraduate positions are unpaid , though students are eligible to enroll in Social Ecology 198 for unit credit.